That's right - it's competition season already! And kicking off the WST tour from Schladming-Dachstein is the O'Neill Pleasure Jam!

For the British riders it's been a slightly quieter event than previous years with our top riders ranking just outside of the top three for both the men's and women's comps. Rowan Coultas did however take the top qualifying run in his heat before holding his own with 6th place overall - and Aimee Fuller notched up 5th place in the women's too.

Local's favourite Anna Gasser nailed the top spot down in the women's - with heaps of support from the crowd, and plenty of style in the air. And in the men's, the unexpected podium was Russia's Alexey Sobolev (possibly familiar for touting his phone number to the masses during the Olympics...) who claimed second to America's Eric Beauchemin, 2012's winner adding another notch to his board!

Men's Finals

1st - Eric Beauchemin

2nd - Alexey Sobolev

3rd - Roope Tonteri

Women's Finals

1st - Anna Gasser

2nd - Elena Könz

3rd - Kristiina Nisula