continue their pre-release edits for Never Not this week with footage from Austin Smith, hitting some backcountry pillows and tree runs on his custom made Nitro board.

Inspired by home-made Japanese powder boards, Austin tried his hand at making his own fat nose swallow tail for riding pow and with little help from Nitro it looks like he's now got the bug. It's pretty easy to stick with what you know and like when it comes to choosing boards but this is a huge thumbs up for trying something new. Just as long as you don't forget you have a fork for a nose when you're riding switch...

As always impeccable lines from Austin, some things never change; although it definitely looks like he's all about DIY at the moment, check out the improvised pole mount at 1.33. Next stop outerwear crocheted from shredded piste maps?

The full two part Never Not movie is out September 16th on iTunes, and if you haven't seen it, be sure to check out the epic trailer for parts 1 & 2.