Nike continue their drip feed of content for their two part movie project Never Not with this behind the shot edit with Justin Bennee.

As rad as some of the previous Never Not teaser episodes have been (we particularly enjoyed last week's that made us realise how epic snowboarding sounds), we've gotta admit that this latest one was a tad cliche.

Sure, the riding is heavy 'n' all but we can't help feel like we've seen the setup shots, multiple slam shots, angry board chucking shot, trick being landed shot, props from buddies shots and cameraman showing rider the shots shots before...

In fact, is this (Never) not an almost carbon copy of this 'behind the shot' style edit from last year's Nike Snowboarding Project...?

Either way, with a bunch more episodes dropping before the online premiere of the two part film on the 16th Sep, we're sure there are gonna be plenty more bangers to look forward to.