Though it is a few months old now, the snowboard world is gradually waking up and warming to the raddest new thing since the invention of the sintered base: Coonman.

Or Morgan Rose as he is formally known, but his affection for slapping Mt Baker roadkill on his head and keeping it there with his goggle strap has fast earned him his handle. Think Davey Crocket on a snowboard. On crack.

Think Davey Crocket on a snowboard. On crack.

From the video evidence above and hushed rumours flying out of Super Park where he was in attendance, the snowboard core are currently performing mental backflips as they struggle to keep up with this new leap in snowboard cool. What do you mean rails are out? Dead mammal pellets and death drops are cool now?

Simply put, the man is insane. Apparently at Super Park this year he was the first to hit the biggest kicker available after 600 assembled pros hesitated for three days. With a double backflip. To his face. Pat Bridges was not happy.

It is the madmen that make this sport, whether it was Tom Sims blowing minds competing in a ski comp in the 70s, JP Walker declaring war on Bode Merrill online or this guy now, they are what makes it so unique and exciting to watch.

All of this despite being seemingly unable to snowboard.

All hail the Coonman.

Daily Mail - please don't take this out of context.