Most of us weren't snowboarding 25 years ago (hell, a lot of you reading this may not have even been alive), but that's how long Lib Tech has been hooking Matt Cummins up with a pro model stick.

Along with Lib founders Mike Olsen and Pete Saari, Matt was one of the pioneers of snowboarding in the Northwestern United States, and still rides today (as well as making OneBall wax). This tribute to his quarter-century of pro-dom features home movies, vintage riding footage, appearances by his brother (the train-jumping Temple Cummins) and Jamie Lynn, as well as an appropriately 90s soundrack.

"I owe him everything" - Jamie Lynn

The Sorrow And The Pity this ain't; thanks to the internet's continued shortening of the average attention span, a nine-minute video now counts as a 'documentary'. Of course, that also means that you've got no excuse not to watch it in full.