By now you'll have seen the video highlights of the US Open men's slopestyle, where Yuki Kadono pipped Mark McMorris to the top spot. Here's a head-to-head look at their runs: Mark edges ahead after the top rail section and the first hit, before Yuki unleashes the back-to-back 1620s to nab gold. It's another change to see the sheer lunacy of slop[estyle's top tier - with the added bonus of hearing Tim Warwood lose his shit in the commentary box.

Just as we were getting into the idea of Stale Sandbech and Mark developing a heavyweight rivalry, a third player - previously only a contender in Big Air events - has arrived to spice things up even more. It's certainly had an effect on the rest of the field too; here's what Jamie Nicholls had to say on Facebook after seeing Yuki's winning run:

Shit the bed! Back to work again ha ha. Chase chase chase all the time.