Old schoool!

Love Games 2016 looks like it went off! The two day event held in and around the Loveland Pass mountain in Colorado, with four spots hand built by the riders then heavily sessioned! Taking snowboarding way back to a time where the sketchyness of the setup was only matched by the devil may care attitude it was hit with.

There's a few Ingemar Backman style moments in here (that crippler about a minute and a half in!), a nice nod to the Arctic Challenge quarterpipe, and a great feel all round. Maybe not one for those who won't watch less than 4k, but for the rest of us, this is a blast!

Riders: Kit Hendrickson, Justin Phipps, Erich Dummer, Aaron Golbeck, Nate Cordero, Seth Hill, Dylan Alito, Chad Otterstrom, Alex Andrews, Hunter Frutchey, Austin Gregory, Ben Lynch, Mike Rav, Collin Walters, Jade Phelan, Sean Murphy, Ian Boll, Cody Cooper, Ethan Campbell.