It's Monday morning and we've already just watched the best video that'll come out this week.

Blake Paul, Cole Navin, Max Warbington, Dillon Ojo and Spencer Schubert left their summer home of Mt Hood and headed to New Zealand with the ChickenMeat guys to catch the end of the winter, just missing the lifts but still finding a treasure trove of ridable goodies at Cardrona, The Remarkables and even the now-abandoned Snow Park NZ.

Challenging Scott Stevens at the one-foot and no-foot game, hitting maybe the most iconic park feature of all time (RIP Snow Park stairs) and generally making great use out of resorts in their off-season state, it does that rare trick of making you both marvel and the riding taking place and longing to get at it and fuck around with friends in the snow. Quite the antidote for what's taking place at the other end of the spectrum these days.