Looks like Lipstick productions have definitely clocked that to reach out to an audience that's predominantly male, they should call their new web series 'Boobilicious', goof around in suggestive positions, and include shots of them prancing around in heels and short skirts between the riding footage. The girls can giggle at it and the guys will ogle - everyone's a winner eh?

Other than that song, which definitely started to grate after hearing the same line for the hundredth time, this is pretty entertaining to watch, and not just because it's called boobilicious either.

Featuring the riding of Basa Stevulova, Ana Rumiha, Urska Pribosic, Diana Sadlowski, Julia Baumgartner, Lisa Filzmoser & Conny Bleicher, watch as the Lipstick girls stamp their feminine authority over a bunch of rails, kickers and natural features.