Tomfoolery in abundance - we'll take a healthy dose of it on any given day - and chances are if it's a day that Lick The Cat release a video, we'll get just that.

On point - off-kilter, and exactly what we needed.

Plenty of the riding-that-you-wish-you-had in this one, combining the flukey little moments, that we like to think we might occasionally pull off, with the an extra helping of talent - it's no-grab big-spins, penguins, switch-swallow tails and team formations from start to finish. On point - off kilter and exactly what we needed.

Featuring the riding of: Sam Taxwood, Ben Bilodeau, Nils Mindnich, Griffin Siebert, Zander Blackmon, Michael Wick, Spencer Schubert, Evan Drage, Zak Hale, Gus Warbington, Blake Paul, Alex Lopez, Alex Yoder, and more at Brighton, Mt. Bachelor, and vail resorts.