"We've got ski hills, we've got golf course coming out of our EARS in this valley. How many do we need?"

Since the nineties, developers have had their eyes on Jumbo Valley in British Columbia. It's a gorgeous natural area with thousands of untouched ascents, lines and pillows, making it ripe for transformation into a super resort, capable of supporting a year-round tourism industry.

However, it's one of the few places of its kind left in Northern America that one could call truly wild and - crucially - it's a key habitat for the ever dwindling population of grizzly bears, and would cause untold devastation on the species if developments took place.

The above short feature is an excerpt from a full length Patagonia documentary, due out soon. They are supporting the movement to #KeepJumboWild - you can find out more and sign their petition with these links.