Jonny Pickup - the UK rail rider with the most rock star of names - just sent us this sweet wee edit from another summer spent on Europe's answer to Mt Hood, the Folgefonna glacier in Norway.

It sure looks like he's been having a boss time - sliding rail, riding rocks and going upside down a bunch - and along with his new fwend Joonas Eloranta they've been putting in work in between work to come up with this tight vid.

The shooting and editing is spot on, everyone loves funk and snowboarding so combining the two is like adding peanut butter to bananas - you can have either without the other but they're way better together.

It's all hammers, making this four minutes well worth the watch. Jonny sure looks like he's putting his new Rome snowboards through their paces now he's joined the team (bravo sir) and we for one are stoked to catch up with him next winter.