After his British snowboard speed and world indoor speed records, Jamie Barrow has taken it one step further and now has another two 'Guiness Book of' certificates to stick on his kitchen fridge.

Whilst out in St Moritz Jamie was given a bizarre electric-powered jet pack by some Emmett Brown character, kind of like the end of a T-bar drag lift but with rockets on the sides. This was able to propel him across a frozen lake at the now record speed of just over 80kph, snowboarding's Marty McFly has been born ladies and gentlemen.

Not content merely with that, whilst waiting for the batteries to charge for another go they discovered that the snowcat driver grooming the course had a Mitsubishi Evo tucked away. Of course this meant that the record for 'fastest snowboarder towed by a vehicle' is also now in the post; 111.8kph if you're interested. Here's the video evidence:

So what record would you like to see Jamie set next? Fastest snowboarder towed by a plane? Longest straight air? First snowboarder in space? let us know below!