When you think of winter season work, only a few options seem to spring to most people's minds: teaching snowboarding, changing sheets or cooking chalet food. Never mind the whole host of other jobs - some of them actually quite good - one can do on a winter season, if you've done something else and tried to explain it to anyone, they probably haven't got it.

This is quite possibly the raddest job you could have during a winter, but it's still basically cheffing so even your gran could understand what you're up to: Jeremy Jones' camp cook.

OK, so it's not quite cheffing, you still have to have some pretty serious mountaineering skills under your belt. The main part of a camp cook's duties actually involve running the camp, slinging a couple of sausages on at the end of the day passes for the cooking part, forget that chalet catering course. Some of the food does actually look quite tasty though...

The main advantage? Shred. Lot's of gnarly, burly, AK spines shred. How could you not want this job? And where can we apply?