After we peeped Joe Tyler Simpson's summer part on Monday, we knew it wouldn't be long until we were treated to his younger brother Jake Simpson getting wild on our screens. Like his bro and partner in crime, he's been thrown into the snowboarding wilderness and set free unto the Alps.

Unable to cook or fend for himself, it's a blessing he can at least shred like like this, one of the UK's up-and-comers who are bringing fun and stoke back into a scene that is at times jaded and deaf to new ideas.

Not only that, but unlike many a dungaree-clad rail rat, he can actually carve a snowboard properly and take a few few stylish spins off big kickers - y'know, like groms used to be able to do. This is proper snowboarding, but at it's most untamed. Keep at it kids - we need you.