It's not every day we post a video with a skier in it, but DAMN - this one's a bit special. Dreadlocked Brain Farm veteran John Jackson joins his two-planked friend Chris Benchetler on the proverbial journey of a lifetime to the Land of the Rising Sun.

We've all seen Japan edits before, of course; trees, powder, pseudo-spiritualism, yada yada. When you're stuck in wet and windy Britain it's enough to make you wanna puke (which is ironic, cos that's all it seems to do over there). And while this one falls foul of many of the hoary clich├ęs (lots of shots of trains, commuters and temples, and - yes - some philosophical Japanese narration with subtitles) we can't help but be won over by the impressive photography and the sheer beauty of the landscape. All in all, it's a great advert for GoPro's latest 4k offering.

Feast your eyeballs - and prepare to be jealous.