We all know how much Aimee Fuller likes going upside down. Whether it's once, twice, rodeo or underflip style she's landed herself on many a podium over the years thanks to these crowd pleasing beauties. We'd almost be willing to bet that she spends an equal amount of time soaring through the air upside down than she does the right way up! Now while Kjersti Buuas may think that backflips are the harderst trick ever, Aimee is definitely correct when she tells you that they most certainly aren't. Side by side and in terms of technicality, a frontside 360 is probably a more difficult, albeit far less intimidating trick to learn. As Aimee explains delightfully here, backflips are all about commitment. Once you've had the opportunity to chuck a few into powder or an airbag, they're pretty easy to transfer over to the park and piste - all you need is a bit of speed, and a pair of balls (figurative ones of course), right Aimee?