We love banks. Not the ones that charge you a king's ransom for an unauthorised overdraft, but rather this kind:

Bellwald in Switzerland was the location for the inaugural Home Run Banked Slalom, presented by nnim clothing and hä?wear. 75 invited riders lined up at the start of the course, ready to burn through the berms.

The standard must have been pretty high when Nicolas Müller couldn't even get on to the podium. Thomas Wyden took the title in the end, but of course it wasn't about who won, it was all about having fun. As clichés go, that's one of the worst - right up there with 'it's a game of two halves' - but it's still one of the most true.

We've had pipe comps, bowl comps and now a banked slalom; the fun spring events keep on trucking. What's going to be next?