Last week, the Snow Centre at Hemel were kind enough to let Jamie Nicholls design his own mini park and then come and destroy it himself - this could be one of the best rail edits we've seen come out of a dome ever.

Style and ease aren't big enough words for the Bradford shredder, he looks like a crazed Jack Russel charging at the rails, but somehow manages to execute it all with the grace of an underwater otter.

These are big tricks too - back 2-7 to fakie, rodeo over the tinniest hip and the money shot: cab hardway 450 on. Banger.

It's all set to the dulcet tones of Take Five by Dave Brubeck, for once used to compliment riding that deserves such a tune.

Hopefully we'll see more Signature Session edits dropping out of the domes, it's a brilliant way to showcase our limited shred opportunities for what they are: jibbing meccas that have produced some world class talent.