To the untrained summer camp snowboard edit viewer, it could be pretty east to get Windells and High Cascade mixed up. They both churn out regular edits with more riders in 'em than a the buffet bar at the Grand National, are very jib heavy and often feature skating, dodgeball and other fun stuff. Heck, they're both even shot on the same mountain (Mt. Hood, Oregon).

We had the first Windells edits last week and here's the first of the Cascade ones. Look out for a supertech backside 270 on-pretzel out by Spencer Schubert, some epic one-foot action from Brandon Hobush and Max Warbington and some silky skating by Jed Anderson.

If you were wondering who the weird 'manimal' figure is in the intro watch the three mini vids below. It'll help clear it up (kinda) and that giant marshmallow thing is actually pretty funny:

'Conspiracy' Part 1:

'Conspiracy' Part 2:

'Conspiracy' Part 3: