High Cascade Snowboard Camps are back this summer for their 25th year and what better way was there to get things kicked of than with the Lick The Cat crew's signature session?

Sage Kotsenburg, Spencer Schubert, Blake Paul, Max Warbington and the rest of the crew are all throwing down, and once again we have to dish out the bragging right thats WL were actually lucky enough to be present on Mt Hood. The vibe of this here edit is spot on for what the camp has to offer, Authorised Awesome and Mandatory Fun.

All of the boys above impressed us on the days we were there, especially Spencer Shubert it has to be said proving he can throw down in the park as well a serving up a mean Cobra Dog in the evening.

Also blowing our minds in person and on video were Jaeger Bailey - here throwing an audacious backflip off the wall ride - and Christian Sparks from Technine who gets the ender shots. Heavy enders at that.

Yup, truly summertime is here, and if the first couple of edits from Mt Hood, Oregon are anything to go by, it's gonna be a good 'un.