Frontline Rail Jam may not have had huge success with their livestream kickstarter, but don't worry, the event was pretty kickass anyway! Now in it's tenth year - we're proud to present the Helgasons' own footage from the Stockholm street session, titled 'The Best FLRJ Edit Ever'.

3 minutes straight of urban comp hammers is what's on the plate here - with Eiki taking joint second place spot with Denis Leontyev, and Best Trick on the drop rail - presumably for his ridiculous ability to pull off that back-lip to (broken) front-board at 2.54 and ride out unscathed!

It's well worth watching the whole way through though - with Ethan Morgan providing some of the best entertainment of the day. Almost riding away clean from a front blunt, 360 transfer to front board around 1.50! The rest of the line up is equally prolific too - so if jib is your thing, pay close attention!


1st Place – Johnny O’Connor & Zach Aller

2nd Place – Denis Leontyev & Eiki Helgason

Best Trick Drop Rail – Eiki Helgason

Best Trick Down Rail- Michael Schatz

Best Trick Flat Down- Nils Arvidson