Last year, the Too Hard girls released a huge all-girl flick called Still Hard that put these gals firmly on the map. What made that film get the attention it did was not only the unbelievable quality of the riding, but also this insane arm break (don't watch it if you haven't had lunch yet!).

It just goes to show that girls ride just as hard as the blokes, and maybe even have to do a little bit more to get themselves noticed.

For their latest adventure, the girls are definitely getting our attention all the way from Sweden where they have morphed into a dam fine selection of beer guzzling, face planting, heavy-hitting urban jibbers, making Sweden Yo! probably the best all-female jib-flick of the year so far.

The riding of Danyale Patterson, Madison Blackley, Alexa McCarty, Corinne Pasela, Leanne Pelosi, Rachida Aoulad, Tove Holmgren, and Caroline Degardh is seriously progressive and they're putting their bodies on the line spot after spot, shot after shot to produce some insane riding.