Everyone loves a good slams edit right?

Everyone loves a good slams edit right? Which is why the first of a few teasers leading up to The Grindhouse's full online release of Hallucinate is just that: raw footage of all the stacks put down on camera.

You can see just how hard the boys worked on the movie this year: from Ollie Dutton's knee-destroying flat landings, Andy Nudds' full commitment slides, Gaz Andrews' windmilling into trees to Will Smith's topless rage, they poured their hearts and souls into this one.

But no one did so as brilliantly as Sparrow Knox: we've known of his Gonz-like antics here for a while now, but it's never been put to film as perfectly as this. Singing and cackling even through the worst of slams, the dude is skateboarding and snowboarding personified, hero.

Stick around for more Hallucinate media dropping, until make sure you get involved in this sweet contest to win all of Will Smith's outerwear kit: goodies from Vans, Dragon, Dalikfodda, Howl and Stance!