Day two at Mammoth Mountain and the Ms Superpark women are still throwing down like nothing you've seen before. Props to Snowboarder Magazine, there's nothing that fuels progression than getting all of the best women riders together and giving them an advanced and dynamic course to play with - just step back and watch the hammers roll in.

There's methods, tweaked spins and some radical rails all up in there from big names like Jess Kimura, Kaitlyn Farrington, Kjersti Buaas, Christy Prior and Sarka Pancochova, our favourite bit being the opening shots when Christy and Sarka go doubled-up on the sunset kicker, tweakin' til they're creakin'!

We've heard a rumour that none other than our own Orla Doolin is there in Mammoth right now, can't wait to see if she makes it into one of these edits as she has more than enough tricks and steeze for the final cut!