While we'll stop short of saying powder days should be added to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, they're definitely bloody good for the soul. That's what surfer Gerry Lopez and Japanese snowboard shaper Taro Tamai aim to get across in this, the first of a series of videos from uber outerwear brand Patagonia.

With a lighter-than-light touch, film-makers Britton Caillouette and August Thurmer shoot the two the two legends - along with friends like Josh Dirksen - riding the Japanese pow to the sounds of ambient music and chin-strokey voiceovers. "Whether it's a western approach or an eastern approach, I think the goal is the same - to simplify everything" sys Taro. Well to put it simply, this rocks.

Block out 10 minutes of your day, dim the lights, crank the volume and watch this on the biggest, widest screen you can find.