Anyone who's seen Jeremy Jensen's powsurfing videos will agree that he knows a thing or two about DIY. With his own hands he's crafted a fine line in bindingless, surfy powder sticks that have earned the seal of approval from some of the biggest names in the game - as well as the occasional dog.

"Through rigorous trial and error, Jeremy created decks that changed how you look at a mountain"

Recently he took this approach one step further, directing and producing an ambitious documentary about Grassroots Powsurfing, his aptly-named company, and the wider bindingless movement. Originally created as part of his Master's degree in Design & Film for Utah State University, it tells the whole story from soup to nuts.

Through rigorous trial and error, Jeremy created decks that changed how you might look at a mountain; shapes that opened up kickflips and pop shove-its off natural hits, whilst still offering surf-style slashes in the deep stuff. When the demand presented itself, he took the business to the next level and spread the word.

Terje Haakonsen, DCP and fellow shaper Atsushi Gomyo are among the talking heads that appear in the movie, and there's riding footage from the likes of Mads Jonsson and Scotty Arnold. There's also some great archive reels from the early days of the Snurfer, and couple of shred pioneers try their hand at riding Jeremy's latest boards.

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy this doc. If you're feeling inspired afterwards, you can head over to to get your own powsurfer from Grassroots, hand-shaped by Jeremy.