Well isn't this a lovely bit of early gifting from the folks over at Vans! Just a couple of days since their London premiere of 'First Layer', and already it's up for grabs for everyone to view over the holidays.

The mini film is essentially split into two flavours, with European team-riders moving through from a street section into side-hits and big 'ol backcountry booters for the second half. We're especially stoked to see the UK contingent playing a strong part throughout, with Will Smith and Sparrow quickly kicking things into gear for the opener, and Tyler Chorlton laying out a couple of stylee airs into powder too!

Notable moments are ten a penny in this one, from Sparrow's 270 to roof-slide or Kalle Ohlson's near decapitation in a tunnel spot, to Sami Luhtanen hopping mega close-outs and actually destroying a full handrail! Watch out too for Markus Keller throwing all kinds of shapes on his Nitro Swallowtail, and Thomas Delfino doing his best to stay deadly still while moving from tail to nose-grab on a lovely slow back one.