This just dropped onto our radar this morning - a refreshing take on snowboard films from American photographer and filmer Liam Gallagher with a focus on exploration, powder and just generally having a rad time.

Sadly he's nothing to do with the Brit Pop bruiser of Oasis fame (though wouldn't it be nuts if Gallagher had made a sudden U-turn career move into snowboarding?!) But there's some definite talent here. This film is great - not because it features particularly heavy, progressive tricks - but it shows the side of snowboarding that we all dig, that sense of adventure and camaraderie. It reminds us of David Benedek's classic 91 Words For Snow.

There's a bit of everything - puffy pillow lines in Montana with Wyatt Stasinos, Forrest Burki, Nick Russell to a fun jib sesh with Nick Dirks and Jake Olsen Elm up at Las Vegas' lesser known hill. Then it's on to super soulful riding with legend Mark Landvik before it cuts to him crashing through the powder runs of Eagle Crest, Oregon. Finally it's the stunning spot of Lookout, Idaho with Austin Smith, Shaun McKay and Forrest once more. And that's not all of it...

If you've got a spare half hour, watch this. Guaranteed to make you want to hot-foot it onto the next flight to America.