Strap in - Barfs Bags is back with another movie!

RV Juice follows on from the Icelandic crew's previous flick A2M. If you liked that movie's mix of partying, filth and awesome snowboarding, then you'll be happy with this one too. The camera follows the crew literally everywhere, from inside their mobile home - where they brew the titular beverage - to Vegas nightclubs, the Keystone park, gun ranges, street spots, toilets and one particularly grim encounter in a swimming pool.

Halldor Helgason (aka Captain Harold) is the big name here once again, but it's by no means a one-man show, with the rest of the crew more than holding their own. There's also cameos from Sage Kotsenburg and Henry Jackson, who must be the only guy who thinks that Barf Bags haven't gone far enough. Will they take his advice and call their next movie A2A2A2A2M: The Human Centipede Part 3?