It wasn't so long long ago that we had a whole week devoted to the Rusty Toothbrush crew, so to have their street movie drop in our inbox this morning is just the cherry on the top of a whole bunch of goodies!

Alex Stewart, Jack Errichiello, Tom Picamoles, Mahi Mains and Victor Loron send it round Europe and Australia, always stopping off at whatever castle they come across to bag shots worthy of a king's ransom, plus there're some great cinematographic concepts on show, the night and day consistency of Loron really coming into play to make the first part end of a high note.

For a first 'proper' project there's a lot to love here, the crew's unique vibe shining through on some higher consequence features that we've seen before. But then, you'd have to ask yourself what's gnarlier: a back rodeo over a huge street gap or a method on board that hinges into a boomerang?

Either way, the boys have it all covered with all manner of bangers, and as always we're stoked to see what comes next!