A couple of weeks back we posted this questionable and downright weird trailer for a new movie called Night Fury.

Well, the time has come for y'all to be scared shitless (or not?) as the full movie has just dropped.

The whole film is shot in the deepest darkest backcountry of Niseko, Japan, where all manner of scary phantoms lurk. One phantom has taken a keen interest in the three Kiwi riders - Nick Brown, Jacob Koia and Connor Harding - building backcountry traps to keep their minds occupied whilst the Evil Snow Phantom goes about his gruesome business.

It sounds a bit whack but surprisingly it's actually pretty good. Burton and RedBull are both behind the project and it's a neat idea shooting the whole thing at night with generators and lights. The outcome is pretty spot on.

What happens to the three riders then? You'll just have to watch to find out...