You don't always need the biggest names, the biggest tricks or the biggest budget for your film to be a stoker - and in our humble opinion, Indulge is the kind of flick that proves exactly that.

Filmed in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with no sponsors and no budget - Zack Beh, Michael Scarfi, Shawn Bond, Cody Clark, Milo Alfring, Pj Libby, Nathan Putnam, Kellen Johnson got down with what was available in last season's dry winter, and pulled this out of the bag!

Finding pristine powder at times, and a helluva lot of drops, pillows and trees, this one's one of those films that makes you realise it's out there for the taking - and great powdery times aren't just the reserve of cash-wielding heli-hirers. Go out and get it!

Filmed and Edited by: Andrew Burns