"The snowboard industry needs an enema, and we’re the ones laughing very seriously about it"

So said Nightmare Snowboards head honcho Joe Suta in an interview early last year. The Colorado-based board-builders certainly like to do things their own way - and when the trailer dropped for their latest full movie, it instantly became one of our favourites of the pre-season onslaught. With its solid riding, ace edit and genuinely original style, it had us champing to see what the full movie would be like. Fortunately Established Forever more than lives up to it.

After the trippy, slightly harrowing "corporations = bad" intro, the riding begins in earnest. It's mostly urban stuff - this is a relatively shoestring operation, after all - but there's the odd air and pow-line too. Whatever's getting shredded, creativity and fun is right at the forefront - Just check out John Myre's 5050 to front flip at 4.00, or the all-natural jib session from 24.08 onwards. Oh, and they know how to get Wildcats-level loose too. At 21.18, for example...

Great soundtrack too: Tears For Fears, Blue Öyster Cult, Leonard Cohen and... Chris De Burgh?! Hey, if it works it works.