If there's one thing that'll make us sit down at the WL Towers desks on New Year's Day it's a UK scene movie, and this lovingly crafted homage to snow domes and dryslopes fits the bill for a good hangover watch.

Dropouts brings together clips from some of the under-sung heroes of our fair island, uniting the likes of Jack Labbett, Jake Binnee, Jason Rickwood, Ollie Plumley, Max Presky, Tom Pilling, Kris Amstutz, Colby-Dane Brown, Angus Malloch and Marc 'Gladis' McClement all made possible by Crailtap's Smithy.

There's a few familiar shots in there from the shooting guns of some of our filmers, and it's our pleasure to support some genuine grassroots UK shredding. Bravo to all involved and we'll have an exclusive chat with the brains behind the stupidity once the brain fug of 2016 has cleared. At least something good came out of it right?