Lord what a way to start the week: first we had powder heaven from Japan in AKI's special project, then Dan Brisse sending it in his full part from Nation. Now here's Denis Leontyev's full part from the Capital's movie - straight up park tech being put down in the street.

No one, no one can ride rails in quite the same way as Denis. He is one of the very few who could possibly claim to have every singe rail combo under his belt, and one of the even fewer who seemingly has them all on lock.

Way back in 2011 we had him pegged as someone to look out for, now go check out his page of videos and not only watch the rail tech wizard but read the praise heaped down on him from WL over the following years - he's a demon, but after all that, this has to be his best part yet.

From the opening shot - shutting down that rainbow rail with a back 3 on, front 1 off - to the last - destroying that triple kink Halldor hit in Never Not - it's awesome stuff. The catch on the down rail at 3.20 is worthy of its own full part in some ways.

Always looking a bit Igor like, the mad Russian has obviously been brewing up a storm lately - we're already stoked for his next part.