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It's not everyday that a snowboard edit like this drops on our desks. Meet the brand new interactive snowboard movie, Ride Again from Burn, featuring Sven Thorgren, Stale Sandbech and more. Instead of your regular shoot a video with a pro rider and put it up on Vimeo process, these guys have gone that one step further and given you, the viewer, the choice of what happens.

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It allows you to pick your discipline, choose your rider and what type of riding you want to see (progressive, creative, etc.), then click go. It'll present you with a different edit each time. Pretty sick!

Whether you want to see Sven T and Stale hucking super clean monster kickers or Arthur Longo throwing a stylish method on the pipe, Ride Again is an unusual, fun way to watch mini-edits, kinda like a cross between a shredit and a game. Once you've seen one, you'll want to keep clicking and see what you've missed (there are 18 in total!)

Want to have a go? Click here.