This season has been an incredible year for competitions. Riders are stepping up their game and the progression of snowboarding is at an all time high. The Air&Style celebrated it's 20th anniversary, and legends like Gian Simmen have said goodbye to competition to move onto new chapters in their lives.

So it only seems appropriate that in the midst of all this insane progression we take a break and look back at how legends like Terje Haakonsen dominated competitions and helped to create competitions that we know today.

This episode focuses mainly on how the Air&Style started, and how it has progressed into one of the worlds biggest snowboard competitions in history. It also takes a look at the first ever boardercross competition held in Blackcomb, Canada.

This series is definitely worth a watch, it just gives you a bit more of an insight into how and why snowboarding is the way it is today! If you have not had a chance to catch the previous episode watch it here.

Episode three is going to tell us all about the first winter X-Games and the first Olympics to include snowboarding.