Contrary to what you may have thought when you were sat in class listening to depressing tales about outrageously dull monarchs, committing hundreds of battle dates to memory and giving presentations on your great great grandad's stamp collection, history is actually pretty cool y'know. Particularly the history of snowboarding, which has been filled with a long line of colourful characters over it's relatively short lifetime.

Following almost straight on from Burn's excellent feature length movie 'We Ride - The Story of Snowboarding' (catch it here if you haven't seen it already - it really is worth a watch), the World Snowboard Tour are also jumping on the 'history is cool' bandwagon with their new seven part series that looks at the history of competitive snowboarding.

Narrated by Tim Warwood, episode 1 explores the roots of snowboarding and the very first contests over in The States and features commentary from Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Craig Kelly and Terry Kidwell. It's another rad little insight into what shaped snowboarding in its early days.

Episode 2, titled 'Comps get BIG' is set to drop in a few days time.