Episode 2 from the Norsemen at Folgefonna follows the spring edit theme in the first episode nicely. It seems that the snowboarding talent coming out of Norway, although not a new occurrence, has no bounds at the moment.

The recent edits from the RK1 crew especially come to mind and although this edit has more of a lighthearted shred in the sun vibe, the impressive snowboarding comes through strong.

This is highlighted a couple of minutes in by what could potentially be a new double cork! Doubles have been a staple in professional snowboarding for a bit now and while a growing number of riders are dipping three times, its refreshing to see that some are still progressing the two.

Halldor's Lobster flip and Hans Midnich's stylish double with a tailgrab at this years superpark come in the same boat and this 'new' double is pretty crazy.

Emil Fossheim is the man who puts it down - its some sort of double front flip with an extra spin.

Whether or not it's completely new, the end result looks pretty sick. I mean the jump isn't very big yet he manages to keep his style throughout. And while he may scrub the landing a little, given the slushy conditions, I think we can let that slide can't we?