Yesterday we discussed if we've reached 'peak GoPro' yet, today this video came to our attention and caused us to lose hope in technology altogether.

Introducing Vessyl - the most badly spelt and possibly most useless product we've ever seen. A cup that tells you what you've put in the cup. As you put it in.


Yes, you read right. No longer will your pour a beer into a cup and wonder what exactly is in the cup. Like the smug twat at 0.37. Vessyl will spell out for you what you've just poured in. Unless it's two or more drinks, then it'll just read 'mix.'

Yeah yeah, it does tell you how many calories are in the drink, but maybe, just maybe the can or bottle you've poured it from might have already had that info on it. Can't be to safe though we suppose...

A steal at only $100 (that is £60! For a cup! And you thought snowboard gear was overpriced...) you could be a proud owner of a Vessyl and be friends with all the joyous people featured in this cringe-inducing ad.

Really, will anyone buy it? Will you? Or is your money better spent on something more like this: