Woah. We've all seen drones, but this thing is crazy. Check it out on 12 seconds when it zips off into the sky like a Star Wars robot on speed.

The device is a souped-up DIY affair filmed by the drone nerds over at Quadmovr. It makes you wonder what the applications might be. Since these remote-controlled choppers took off in the last few years there's already been talk of Amazon using the technology to deliver parcels, and of course they're ideal for filming snowboarding from the air without spending thousands of dollars on a full size heli. But with something this nimble, the mind boggles.

Perhaps we could see bullet-time snowboard footage of riders in mid air - a bit like this old clip of Freddy Austbo but a full 360 à la Matrix?

Or maybe UK speed freak Jamie Barrow could use one to power his next snowboarding record?

Or, then again, perhaps this is our Skynet moment? As one Youtube commenter put it:

"Imagine a factory that can produce 1000 per day for 5 years straight. That would be 1.8 million quads. 1.5 million tiny explosive payloads and 300 thousands with sensors, forming vast arrays of AI swarms. They recharge by the sun, can fly above the clouds, and could take over the world. They are agile enough to avoid aerial threats, can all move in unison, and their range is greatly extended simply by flying in efficient formations."

Yeah, totally dude. Now pass me the vaporiser.