Ah yes... As if you hadn't had enough referendum chat just yet, here's our special Scottish referendum themed Friday Find.

Whilst we'll stay far away from this political hot potato we will say that we love Scotland - and the Scots - dearly. There are too many awesome Scottish riders to name here, but it's safe to say whatever happens on the 18th September you'll still always be part of the union of shred!

Having said that, here's a very special Friday Find we've been saving for the occasion: the most cringe worthy, awkward and ear splitting bagpipe performance you'll have ever seen.

As he enters the wedding hall he knocks a drone loose from the bag and, rather than stopping to make sure all is well, soldiers on with the painful performance. Indeed, the only thing to lighten the mood for the viewer is the procession of awesome haircuts that follow afterwards - 0.58 is our favourite.