Frank April is a beast. Watch this quick edit from the Woodward at Copper summer park really puts in to perspective how huge he goes on a daily basis in the streets - the puny parks rails on show here are simply dwarfed by the snowboarding goliath.

Not that what we're watching isn't sick, far from it. That back lip at 1.30 is as tight as you like, then at 1.36 you can see exactly why Frank's back 2-7 on is considered one of the best in the business.

Cody Potter, Cam Pierce, Gus Warbington, Brandon Reis and the man in black, Louif Paradis, are all shredding the Colorado summer strip of snow.

Seeing that that 20 metre or so wide slab of snow against the sweltering sun and distant highway, it all looks very British somehow, in the same way that most views from Edinburgh have Hillend looming over in the background.

Or the ridiculousness/amazing dedication of this kind of - again very British - attitude to summer shredding, courtes