In a change from the spring edits coming out at this time of year, here's a bit of Alaskan powder courtesy of Red Bull. Featuring kiwi riders Jake Koia and Roland Morley-Brown, the pair find themselves with a clear spell of weather and get busy in the heli.

Final Powder Sessions is episode five in the 'Mates in Alaska' web series - here's the playlist - and like any Red Bull production it has some usual characteristics. High end cameras, epic nature shots and some interviews/voice-overs about the dangers of riding in AK all add to the production value.

(We're not saying it isn't dangerous by the way, those cornices are f*cking huge, but the Bull do love to milk the drama.)

If you like these guys then the previous episode of them keeping busy on down days may be worth a watch as well. They had 6 days to kill so i guess an improvised sledding slalom and Jake feeding a moose a banana is quite normal...