Ooft. If, like us, you're a bit of a 'fraidy cat when it comes to anything more than a nice smooth down rail, there are some features in the average terrain park that'll give you the straight up heeby jeebies.

A close out rail will do that for ya - if you come off early there's usually the option of a hefty drop on one side or a shin/knee/chest splintering abrupt halt on the other. Make it to the end and the drops usually still there.

Now take that out of the park at put it over freezing cold tarmac, make that drop about fifteen foot and you have this beast of an urban feature to deal with.

Sam Pollock is a hero for just giving it a go, even more so for managing to still be alive after this god awful slam. Unfortunately it put an end to his season this year but dammit, we're sure he'll want to get right back on it next year.