The folks over at EE have been working on a new product to challenge the action camera market, and by the looks of it they have come up trumps. Working with some of the top talent in action sports to promote the world’s first 4G connected action camera, capable of streaming footage live across the interwebs to anywhere in the world.

Whilst we’re sure we’d all like to see Kevin Bacon getting sendy in a night time Harrow skatepark, we think that his prowess on two feet should be limited to dancing. So in that vein, EE teamed up with UK crusher Andy Nudds, and the legend that is Andy Nudds’ Nan to give you a wee demo of how the 4GEE action camera works.

The camera comes with a viewfinder watch that streams the camera footage so you can see what your footage looks like from the second you press record, which apart from being very useful, also means you can live out your entire James Bond/007 gadget desires.