OK, so we're aware this isn't the newest video you've ever seen, but this morning it re-emerged onto our feeds/into our consciousnesses - this could quite possibly stop you getting on a chairlift ever again.

Alright, this will (probably) never happen in reality, even ancient chairlifts are ram-packed with enough safety features to prevent accidents like the one above from ever happening. But what happens if you turn all of them off?

Rollback is a word you might up until now have associated with the National Lottery, but once you know what it means it'll haunt you every time you're happily sitting on a chair on the way to scoring some freshies and the term floats through your mind.

No one really thinks of chairlifts as being the gnarly part of snowboarding, usually huge kickers or cliff hucks take that prize, but that's only until you've seen a video like this.

The problem with chairlifts is that as everyone sits on one side going up, ALL of the weight is on that same side. If the lifts stops and there's nothing to stop it travelling in reverse that weight will begin to fall backwards. The longer the chair the more distance it has to accelerate.

This would be fine if all that happened was that you went backwards, but as there's a very tight corner to turn at the bottom the chairs turn into giant slingshots, hurling anything seated in them hundreds of feet.

So if you ever find yourself travelling backwards on a chair (don't worry, you won't) don't think - just jump. Or spend 30 seconds composing the fastest YOLO text message the world has ever seen. Either way, you've been warned.