Денис Леонтьев находится на другом уровне!

Or so they'd say in his mother land - Denis Leontyev shows once again why he's one of the all time rail riders seen on this planet - the level of tricks in this here edit is just ridiculous!

Although the music is (easily) arguably shit, the riding is anything but. 540s on and off, the now standard (for Denis anyway) 360s on to pretzel-whatever-he-feels-like off and a healthy taste for sticking inverts into rail tricks, this is one of the outstanding Windells edits from this season.

Whilst he's not the most stylish rider ever, he certainly has a style. One that's fun, exciting and unpredictable to watch. Plus he goes huge: just check that ridiculous back 540 off the cannon rail at 2.28. Stupifying.

Love him or hate him, this is some damn impressive stuff.

Denis Leontyev is next level!