The sun may be poking out a lot these days, but it doesn't mean we're any less amped to see prime Mt Baker footage like this.

When it comes to ultimate snowboard destinations, the North-Western gem is about as bucket-list as it gets. It's where much of modern snowboarding was incubated back in the 80s, boasts insane terrain, and gets blessed with epic pow dumps on the regular. And that's before you get to the Legendary Banked Slalom...

The D-Day crew certainly made the most of their recent trip, showing plenty of love for the famous Baker Road Gap (including an insane one-footer) and hammering tree runs on swallowtails. If you ever get there yourself, this is how you want to do it.

It's nice to see the Camp brothers (Dash and Kix) again, too - we've heard nary a peep out of them since 2011, when Dash took 3rd at a Big Air comp and we made fun of his family's names.